Science Fiction – The Adventures of the Empyrean Guard

Caught in a tangled web that threatens the galaxy… and their lives.
Nizhoni and Jonas are former time travelers who gave up the past to become members of the elite Empyrean Guard, dedicated to the noble cause of fighting for the freedom of Terran sapients.
But on their first mission they are captured, threatening a fragile peace. As war looms, the Empyrean Guard is caught in a tangled web which threatens their lives and the galaxy. And every choice they make may ultimately tear them apart…
Welcome to the Adventures of the Empyrean Guard series universe

“Prelude to Coude” – The Prequel Novella

A routine mission that’s anything but…

The Empyrean Guard is the foremost insertion unit in the Outer Forces – the best of the best, capable of handling almost any assignment in service to the Outer Union in its cold war with the Inner Coalition. Until a standard retrieval mission suddenly goes sideways…

A deserter who carries crucial information…

An accidental encounter that’s not really by chance…

An intelligence drop interrupted by local drunkards looking for a fight…

And a top-secret operation that could change the fate of the galaxy.

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COMING SOON! Publishing in 2024
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APSIS – completed
ECLIPTIC – in progress
MERIDIAN – coming soon
UMBRA – coming soon
ZENITH – coming soon

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