Biding Time – The Chestnut Covin

Temporal Protection Corps Series Book One

By E. W. Barnes

A hidden message. A secret code. A race into the past.

And a time machine in her living room.

After her grandparents die on the same day, Sharon Gorse discovers her grandmother was a time traveler—and then her world falls apart.

Stalked by a mysterious man, Sharon is plunged into a parallel timeline where everything she loves is lost, and her grandmother’s future world is in jeopardy.

Reluctantly partnered with a secretive agent from the future, Sharon must run through time to fix the past; save the present; and stop her own murder by the shadowy conspiracy, the Chestnut Covin.

But will she get back to the right timeline before the future closes forever and she ceases to exist?


Borrowed Time – The Force Majeure

Temporal Protection Corps Series Book Two

By E. W. Barnes

They left on a routine time-travel training shift … and returned to a dystopian nightmare. 

In a moment the Temporal Protection Corps changed. Martial law. Curfews. Security officers everywhere. And brutal detention for those who step out of line.

Agent-in-training Sharon Gorse and her friends are alone in this alien world, the only ones who know the timeline has been altered. 

Their one chance to put things right is to commit a crime – to go back in time and change the past, violating temporal ethics and breaking world law.

Every shift into history increases their risk of capture, and they don’t know who to trust – even each other. Failure means more than living in a terrifying timeline; it means termination from the TPC and permanent erasure of their memories.

Can they succeed in restoring the future before Temporal Protection Corps agents track them down in the past? Or will betrayal from within destroy them first? 


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Out of Time – The Roman Ring

Temporal Protection Corps Series Book Three

By E. W. Barnes

Can the end of the world be stopped?

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