Time Travel – The Temporal Protection Corps Series

Sharon Gorse discovers that her grandmother was a time traveler, and her world changes forever.
She learns about the Temporal Protection Corps, how it was created and charged with utilizing time travel to further educational and scientific knowledge – and to guard against its misuse.
But what if not everyone agrees on how time travel should be used…?
Join Sharon and her friends from the TPC as they travel through time to stop the devious Chestnut Covin from changing history. From the 20th century to the 12th, from a post-apocalyptic future to a dystopian parallel world, from Earth’s Ice Age to after the death of the planet in the future, they prevent parallel timelines, correct time loops, and save the world.
Welcome to the Temporal Protection Corps series universe
“The Forest of Time” – the prequel novella
“Biding Time – The Chestnut Covin”
“Borrowed Time – The Force Majeure”
“Out of Time – The Roman Ring”
“Racing Time – The Merging of Stars”
and “The Alexander Event,” a stand-alone story of how the Temporal Protection Corps came into being – along with the Chestnut Covin.
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Biding Time – The Chestnut Covin

A hidden message. A secret code. A race into the past. And a time machine in her living room.

After her grandparents die on the same day, Sharon Gorse discovers her grandmother was a time traveler—and then her world falls apart.

Stalked by a mysterious man, Sharon is plunged into a parallel timeline where everything she loves is lost and her grandmother’s future world is in jeopardy.

Reluctantly partnered with a secretive Temporal Protection Corps Agent from the future, Sharon must run through time to fix the past; save the present; and stop her own murder by the shadowy conspiracy: the Chestnut Covin.

But can she get back to the right timeline before the future closes forever and she ceases to exist?

Biding Time – The Chestnut Covin is book 1 in the Temporal Protection Corps series.

Also available as an audiobook

Borrowed Time – The Force Majeure

They left on a training shift into the past… and returned to a nightmare.

In a moment, the Temporal Protection Corps changed. Security officers everywhere. Curfews. Martial law… and brutal detention for those who step out of line.

Temporal Protection Corps agents Sharon Gorse, Caelen Winters, Miranda Noon, and Jonas Ferney are the only ones who know the timeline has been altered. Their one chance to put things right is to commit a crime—go back in time and change the past. Failure means more than living in a terrifying timeline; it means termination from the TPC and permanent erasure of their memories.

Every shift increases their risk of capture, and they don’t know who to trust—not even each other. Can they succeed in restoring the future before Temporal Protection Corps agents track them down in the past? Or will betrayal from within destroy them first?

Borrowed Time – The Force Majeure is book 2 in the Temporal Protection Corps series and picks up where Biding Time – The Chestnut Covin left off.

Also available as an audiobook

Out of Time – The Roman Ring

In the future created by the Chestnut Covin, civilization has been destroyed and time travel no longer exists.

Kidnapped only hours after being sworn-in as a Temporal Protection Corps agent, Sharon Gorse finds herself in a post-apocalyptic world where everything and everyone she knew has been destroyed. The few humans that remain are either the hunters or the hunted; and her kidnapper-turned-guide is dangerously delusional, refusing to tell her anything except that she is the key to erasing the timeline.

Pursued by ravagers who want her life; secret police who want her knowledge; and the enigmatic Natalie Johnson who wants her dead, the only way to save the world is for Sharon to make the most terrible decision imaginable.

Out of Time – The Roman Ring is book 3 in the Temporal Protection Corps series and picks up where Borrowed Time – The Force Majeure left off.

Also available as an audiobook

Racing Time – The Merging of Stars

The fate of two worlds in the hands of a traitor and coward…

The Temporal Protection Corps is under siege, facing a deadly threat from the future and a relentless enemy hiding in the past. Each shift could be the last, and the danger of being trapped in time increases with every moment.

Jonas Fernley knows the only thing that can prevent catastrophe is an unlikely alliance across millennia and between universes.

If Jonas fails, the ability to time travel will be lost forever—and he’ll never get back home to his earth.

If he can just convince his friends to trust him again…

Racing Time – The Merging of Stars is the exciting conclusion of the Temporal Protection Corps series.

Also available as an audiobook

The Alexander Event

In the year 2121 time travel was discovered… and it nearly destroyed the world.

Andre Alexander is an astrophysicist working to create the world’s first artificial wormhole—for the acclaim and for his name to go down in history.

On the eve of his triumph, an unexpected reaction throws him into the past, opening the door to time travel. But on his second trip into the past, his life – and the timeline – are changed forever, and he learns the painful lesson that there are things more important than fame.

And, as Earth is invaded by a relentless enemy from a parallel universe, his greatest foe, one who can destroy everything he loves and has worked for, is a woman from 200 years in the past who he has never met…

The Alexander Event is a stand-alone novel in the Temporal Protection Corps universe about the discovery of time travel – and what happened after.

The Alexander Event novel and audiobook are available on Patreon!